Street’s Disciple : Nas cover story in RapPages

Long interview of Nas by Bobbito, from RapPages, in may 1994. So you know the audio had to come from 89tec9. Review by Elliott Wilson.

Nas : Freestyle on The Stretch Armstrong Show Hosted By Bobbito



3 Responses to Street’s Disciple : Nas cover story in RapPages

  1. i crazy remember doing this interview in the offices of columbia when they were still in the cbs building on 51 w. 52nd st. Nas shocked me with how much he shared. He had been to me and Stretch’s show 3 times by that point and never said much outside of killing the mic. Let it be known–“Illmatic” was the most anticipated LP of the ’90s, and in my estimation the most classic. Big shout out to Sheena Lester who was the Editor In Chief at Rappages then. She really had a lot of heart. Anyone remember when she put b-boy Ken Swift on the cover? That was a ballsy move for a national magazine, but super well-deserved.

    peace out to Lord Sear for the link to this.

    Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love

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  3. […] Doch in Nas’ Herz klaffte eine Wunde. »The cypher is incomplete now«, sagte er damals in einem Interview für »Rap Pages«. Freunde und Verwandte berichten, dass Nas noch stiller und verschlossener wurde als […]

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