Humble & Hungry : Dred Scott in Rap Pages (1994)

Interview with Dred Scott. Regarding the author, I would guess that Dr Bombay was an alias for Tracii McGregor, a regular contributor to Rap Pages who was also credited on Dred Scott’s album for some background vocals. Tracii, if you’re reading this, let us know !

Dred Scott : Check The Vibe



3 Responses to Humble & Hungry : Dred Scott in Rap Pages (1994)

  1. Peter says:

    Ill post! I’ve always wondered what happened to Dred. I know that he married Adriana Evans and produces her music but the cat just disappeared after Breakin’ Combs.

    -Keep up the posts, I love reading these old articles.


  2. Tracii McGregor says:

    Wow. Dred was a good friend along with Adri. I was actually supposed to be a bridesmaid in their wedding but had just moved to New York and couldn’t afford the dress and all the other ancillary costs that go along with such an event. I always felt bad about that…What a big flake! Anyhoo, Dr. Bombay was not an alias for me — I never used aliases when writing. Dr. Bombay was an Indian American cat who also wrote for RapPages on the regular. His real name is escaping me at the moment (was it Aaron?) but I do recall he was a good guy and a great wordsmith. Yo Bombay, tell us where you at, homey!

  3. SLurg says:


    we have moved to : http://IFIHAVENT.WORDPRESS.COM

    Time to update your bookmarks !!


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