Deep Concentration : DJ Premier in Rap Pages (1996)

Cover story on DJ Premier from the DJ special issue of Rap Pages. For anyone interested in Dee Jaying this April 1996 issue of Rap Pages is a collector item, i’ll scan more from it if some of you are interested.

DJ Premier : Red Alert Chant


7 Responses to Deep Concentration : DJ Premier in Rap Pages (1996)

  1. illest says:

    please post more. i had this issue. this blog is dope. do you have bobbitos confession of a sneaker addict? i think its 91 the source with ice t on the cover.

  2. illest says:

    Damn I miss ego trip, the old source, stress, rappages, rap sheet, on the go, and one nut. Magazines were so ill

  3. slurg says:

    I’ll post the Confession of a Sneaker Addict in a minute, as soon as I’ve fixed my scanner !

  4. illest says:

    Good lookin.

  5. SLurg says:


    we have moved to : http://IFIHAVENT.WORDPRESS.COM

    Time to update your bookmarks !!


  6. Hello, I once had that issue, I gave it to a friend but unfortunately he lost it. Then some other friend scanned it for me but the cd was destroyed. Too much bad luck. Please, if possible I would like to have it again

  7. […] for you and yours. For starters if you missed the DJ Premier interview with Rap Pages from 1996 here it is, so be sure to visit Press Rewind […]

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