Many Styles : Freestyle Fellowship in The Source (1993)

June 10, 2007

Short interview of the Freestyle Fellowship by Akwanza just before they drop their major label debut. From The Source, april 1993. The lo-fi audio is from the tape Fellowship Shop, includes bits of Tolerate, Hot Potato and more.

Freestyle Fellowship : Unknown track (DivShare)
Freestyle Fellowship : Unknown track (zShare)


Humble & Hungry : Dred Scott in Rap Pages (1994)

April 3, 2007

Interview with Dred Scott. Regarding the author, I would guess that Dr Bombay was an alias for Tracii McGregor, a regular contributor to Rap Pages who was also credited on Dred Scott’s album for some background vocals. Tracii, if you’re reading this, let us know !

Dred Scott : Check The Vibe


New Jax : Urban Prop in Rap Pages

March 5, 2007

A small feature on Urban Prop in Rap Pages in february 1993, signed by Anonomiss. Unfortunately the album T-Love and Suggah B did together for Capitol never came out. The following song recorded in 1993 will be featured on T-Love’s new project, “Long Way Up – The Basement Tapes”, coming out next winter on Brawl/Pickininny (the actuial song is one verse longer). This retrospective album will cover most of her unreleased catalogue. The first 12″, Definition Of a Yee-Yee can be heard on her Myspace, vinyl in store on march 19th.

Urban Prop : Pickaninny


New Jax : Ganjah K in Rap Pages

March 2, 2007

An early feature on Ganjah K in Rap Pages in february 1993, written by Anonomiss.

Ganjah K : Got My Mind Trippin’


A Day In The Life Of The LA Underground : Sin, Erule, Aceyalone, Ganjah K and Ras Kass

December 11, 2006

The cover story of the december 94 issue of Rap Pages, a day in the life of Sin, Erule, Aceyalone, Ganjah K and Ras Kass.

Ras Kass : Capital R.A. (demo)


Dead To The World & Rebels Of Rhythm (1994)

December 7, 2006

Feature on two up and coming groups, Dead To the World and Rebels Of Rhythm who later became half of Jurassic 5, from Rap Pages, december 1994.

Sunshine People : The Good Life café from RapPages (1993)

December 7, 2006

Nice Feature about the Good Life Café, from Rap Pages, novembre 1993.