After Cop Killer – Code Of Silence : Kool G Rap interview in The Source

December 31, 2006

From the january 1993 issue of The Source, G Rap and Tyron Williams, cold Chillin CEO, talk about censorship with Reginald C. Dennis, Ice T’s favourite journalist !

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo : Train Robbery


Odd Men In : Odd Squad in RapPages

December 21, 2006

Feature on Odd Squad from Rap Pages in august 1994. The D is for The Dude, as in Devin The Dude.

Odd Squad : Here To Say A Little Somethin
Odd Squad : Jazz Rendition

oddsquad_0894tm.jpg oddsquad_08942tm.jpg

Ice T – Cop Killer Editorial

December 17, 2006

The infamous Source editorial of december 1992 where Reginald C. Dennis blame Ice T for dropping Cop Killer from Body Count album. This was the first article that spark the beef between The Source and Ice T which culminated with Ice T’s last great song, It’s On.
Next to it is the explanation of what happened before that they printed in the year recap, published in january 93.

Ice T : It’s On



Heavy Heavy Monster Sound : Frankenstein interview in HHC

December 15, 2006

Interview with Toronto’s MC and producer Frankenstein from Hip-Hop Connection in november 1998.

Frankenstein : Rock The House

Rap Unknown’s Corner : Black Madness in RapMasters

December 14, 2006

Short feature on Brooklyn’s Black Madness from Rapmasters in July 1993.

Black Maddness : Igpay Aatinlay


A Day In The Life Of The LA Underground : Sin, Erule, Aceyalone, Ganjah K and Ras Kass

December 11, 2006

The cover story of the december 94 issue of Rap Pages, a day in the life of Sin, Erule, Aceyalone, Ganjah K and Ras Kass.

Ras Kass : Capital R.A. (demo)


High Rulers : The Wascals feature from RapPages

December 9, 2006

Feature on The Wascals, one of those groups produced by J-Sw!ft who never made it. Buckwheed later changed his name to Buck 50.

Wascals : Class Clown