Deep Concentration : DJ Premier in Rap Pages (1996)

April 16, 2007

Cover story on DJ Premier from the DJ special issue of Rap Pages. For anyone interested in Dee Jaying this April 1996 issue of Rap Pages is a collector item, i’ll scan more from it if some of you are interested.

DJ Premier : Red Alert Chant


Catchin Up With The Jazzy Fatness of J-Sw!ft in Rap Pages (1994)

April 14, 2007

Someone requested this interview in the comments, like 3 months ago. But come on now, the mag is 17 years old, 3 months is not that long. Anyway, don’t hesitate to ask if you’re looking for something.

Quinton : Quinton’s Here

Skits-o-phrenic : Prince Paul interview in Ego Trip

February 13, 2007

Chairman Mao met Prince Paul for this interview published in Ego Trip in november 1995. The column with the black background in the second page has also been used in Ego Trip’s Book Of Rap Lists, but unfortunately not the rest of the interview.

Gravediggaz : Constant Elevation (first version)


Pure Righteousness : Buckwild interview in Ego Trip

January 23, 2007

Interview with Buckwild, published in Egotrip in 1995, questions by Chairman Mao.

Diamond, Sadat X & Lord Finesse : The Shit Is Real


Moving Target : Dr Dre feature in The Source (1992)

January 20, 2007

Lenghty (pre-Chronic) cover story on Dr Dre by Ronin Row, from The Source, november 1992.

Dr Dre & Snoop : One Eight Seven

Shinin Bright : Da Beatminerz’ interview in RapPages

January 17, 2007

Bilal Allah interview with the whole Beatminerz crew, including Baby Paul, Chocolate Tye and Rich Black for RapPages in may 1995.

Black Moon : Act Like You Want It
Fabulous Five : Leflah

Travelling, Theorizing and Marauding : A Tribe Called Quest’s production in Rap Pages

January 4, 2007

Interview for the producer section of Rap Pages with Bilal Allah in june 1994, that’s after Midnight Marauders.

A Tribe Called Quest : Lyrics To Go remix