Unsigned Hype : DJ Shadow in The Source (1991)

July 2, 2007

Another Unsigned Hype frow way back, that time Matty C was reviewing a demo tape by the young DJ Shadow. It was in the june 1991 issue of The Source.

I did an interview with Shadow a couple of month ago where we discussed this tape, as well as his beginnings, how he (never) met Dave Funkenklein, how he ruined his american career etc…

It’s in French. I also have the audio (in english) somewhere. I don’t know how people who read this blog feel about audio interviews. Personally I don’t like to listen to interviews on a computer, but I could post it (and others) if you want, just let me know, leave a comment and i’ll see.

DJ Shadow : Last Stop (DivShare)


Classic Review : Organized Konfusion in The Source (1992)

June 19, 2007

Published in the Source, january of 1992, a review of Organized Konfusion first album, penned by Matty C. The audio is a track from their famous demo produced by the late Paul C, back when they called themselves Simply II Positive MC’s.

Simply II Positive aka Organized Konfusion : Mind Over Matter (demo) (DivShare)

Unsigned Hype : Mad Skillz in The Source (1994)

June 2, 2007

Profile on Virginia MC Mad Skillz in the reputable section known as Unsigned Hype from august 1994. The MP3 is from the radio session mentioned in the article.

Mad Skillz & Q-Tip : Freestyle on 89tec9 (zShare)
Mad Skillz & Q-Tip : Freestyle on 89tec9 (DivShare)


Unsigned Hype : Legion Of Dume in The Source (1992)

May 4, 2007

Underground favorites Legion Of Dume appeared in The Source in the Unsigned Hype column of may 1992. Funny thing is that (according to Jaz, Matty C aka Matt Life was a member of the group ! I guess nepotism has always been the norm in the mag.

Legion Of Dume : Son Of Sam (send space)
Legion Of Dume :Son Of Sam (you send it)

Classic Review : Whut Thee Album in The Source (1992)

May 3, 2007

Review of Redman first album in The Source, commented by Matty C. Only 4.5 mics, but that’s probably because Reginald C. Dennis had a no five-mic policy at that time.

Redman, Tame 1 & Rah Digga : Stretch Armstrong Promo (prod Redman) (zShare)
Redman, Tame 1 & Rah Digga : Stretch Armstrong Promo (prod Redman) (You Send It)

Unsigned Hype : Artifacts in The Source (1993)

April 30, 2007

Artifacts in Matty C’s column in The Source, april 1993.

Artifacts & Lord Jamar : Wrong Side Of The Tracks (demo) (SendSpace)


Classic Review : Mecca & The Soul Brother in The Source

March 3, 2007

This is the 4 mics review of Pete Rock & CL Smooth first album in The Source written by Matty C in may 1992. You have to admit that the album was too long by 1992’s standards.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth : They Reminisce Over You (live)