New Jax : Urban Prop in Rap Pages

March 5, 2007

A small feature on Urban Prop in Rap Pages in february 1993, signed by Anonomiss. Unfortunately the album T-Love and Suggah B did together for Capitol never came out. The following song recorded in 1993 will be featured on T-Love’s new project, “Long Way Up – The Basement Tapes”, coming out next winter on Brawl/Pickininny (the actuial song is one verse longer). This retrospective album will cover most of her unreleased catalogue. The first 12″, Definition Of a Yee-Yee can be heard on her Myspace, vinyl in store on march 19th.

Urban Prop : Pickaninny



New Jax : Ganjah K in Rap Pages

March 2, 2007

An early feature on Ganjah K in Rap Pages in february 1993, written by Anonomiss.

Ganjah K : Got My Mind Trippin’