On Earth As It Is In Heaven : Ras Kass in The Source (1996)

March 26, 2007

Ras Kass : Core Audience (demo)



One For The Treble : Sweet T in Urb

March 9, 2007

Sweet T aka Suga talks about her career, and plans a new future in Urb in august 1996. She was a bit optimistic here…

Sweet T : As The Beat Goes On

New Jax : Urban Prop in Rap Pages

March 5, 2007

A small feature on Urban Prop in Rap Pages in february 1993, signed by Anonomiss. Unfortunately the album T-Love and Suggah B did together for Capitol never came out. The following song recorded in 1993 will be featured on T-Love’s new project, “Long Way Up – The Basement Tapes”, coming out next winter on Brawl/Pickininny (the actuial song is one verse longer). This retrospective album will cover most of her unreleased catalogue. The first 12″, Definition Of a Yee-Yee can be heard on her Myspace, vinyl in store on march 19th.

Urban Prop : Pickaninny


Beastie-ality : Beastie Boys

January 24, 2007

Most journalists know it’s hard to get an informative interview of The Beastie Boys. This one conducted separately with MCA, Mike D and Ad-Rock is one of them. Written by T-Love for Rap Pages in june 1994.

Country Mike : Country’s Delight



A Day In The Life Of The LA Underground : Sin, Erule, Aceyalone, Ganjah K and Ras Kass

December 11, 2006

The cover story of the december 94 issue of Rap Pages, a day in the life of Sin, Erule, Aceyalone, Ganjah K and Ras Kass.

Ras Kass : Capital R.A. (demo)


Nothing To Fear : Casual interview from RapPages

December 7, 2006

Casual & Pep Love : Rock On