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47 Responses to A Word From Our Sponsors

  1. Kevin says:

    I would appreciate if you could post some Rap Pages interviews with KRS (especially if he talks about battling)

  2. soulsonic says:

    keep up the good work!

  3. Jaz says:

    I’m loving getting to see all of these articles again man, I had all of these mags at one stage, could you please put up the J-Swift one that was in Rap Pages?.


  4. Brad says:

    I have a whole archive of Source, RapPages and The Rap Sheet dating back to 1990 if anyone is looking for something. I started posting some of the charts from the magazines on myspace. http://www.myspace.com/bradmc3000

  5. Jaz says:

    Slurg could you please post up the old Bobbito columns from Rap Pages at some stage please?

  6. Mikael says:

    Would love to exchange links.
    I already added your link to my blogroll.
    Check it out @ http://www.bronxriverparkway.com


  7. dark0 says:

    Do you have any beatnuts or t-ray interviews?

  8. slurg says:

    The only T-Ray interview that comes to mind is from a “recent” issue of Elemental, but I have one of Double X Posse. Not very interesting though. I have a few with the beatnuts and Al Tariq/Fashion that I’ll post soon.

  9. dark0 says:

    Thanks! That would be appreciated

  10. Kevin says:

    Yo, as we in this HipHop is Dead crazy, could you post that Q-Tip comments from April’s edition of The Source back in 2002

  11. slurg says:

    I wasn’t reading The Source anymore in 2002

  12. Vincent says:

    Is there an easier and faster way to archive old Source magazines than just scanning them page by page? That would take me a load of time (read: weeks). I have so many copies falling apart in my basement and I wanted to preserve the better issues (’91-’96 issues) by digitally archiving them. Any ideas? Or should I just shut up scan them page by page?

  13. slurg says:

    How about sending them to me and I’ll do it ?

  14. reg says:

    hey whas#the chance of you posting up the full badboy stretch tape…….

  15. slurg says:

    Actually I don’t have the tape, just the vinyl ep with the freestyles. I’ll post some more.

  16. slurg says:

    but you can alos go to Stretch blog http://konstantkontakt.blogspot.com and ask him abot the tape.
    Great site by the way.

  17. Jaz says:

    Slurg, any chance you have an mp3 of Special Ed-Come On Let’s Move It (Remix) please?, I have searched and searched and really miss it.

    Great work my friend.


  18. Aaron says:

    Slurg, I like the blog a lot. It’s great.
    I have a couple interesting old magazines in the basement if you want.
    Dec. 1994/Jan 1995-Vibe.
    1st issue of XXL.
    And couple more obscure ones from around 1992-4 that have some interesting articles.
    Email me if you’re interested at aaron.shadescythe@gmail.com.
    I can scan a few pages and send ’em your way.

  19. Rick Rockwell says:

    Can you post that t-ray interview in Elemental you were talking about? If not, can you scan it and e-mail it to me? It would be appreciated.


  20. MarieMaye says:

    Hi there. This site is so dope. Congrats. I’m doing research on The Good Life for a documentary and am desperate for articles from Rappages or The Source or elsewher on Freestyle Fellowship, S.I.N., Unity Committee, Rebels of Rhythm, Hip Hop Klan, C.V.E. Figures of Speech, Urban Prop, Funky Trend, Cypher 7, Dark Leaf, Born Allah. Thank you so so much for anything you might have about The Good Life or Project Blowed the tape.

  21. MarieMaye says:

    Forgive me for not thoroughly looking through the site before I posted. I see some things on the Good Life posted here. I’d love to talk to you about photographing the originals for this indie documentary I’m working on. Can you let me know where I might reach you? My email is on the form. Thanks very much.

  22. khal says:

    word i’m feeling this. i see people requesting shit… if i WERE to request anything, can you post up old Rap Pages articles, esp the Raekwon one? reading the lyrics they’d print in there helped me learn “Labels”! Still can recite that line fi line at will…

    keep it up. oh and more REDMAN! NJ WHATTUP!?!

  23. Kevin says:

    Slurg, could you please re-up the pages 11 & 13, on the Blackboard Jungle : KRS One interview in Rap Pages (1995) section, because the links to pages 11 & 13 don’t seem to work

  24. DJ Porno says:

    AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhgh! I love y’all! ThANK YOU!!!

  25. Discordia says:

    I know there’s already a Buckwild scan up from rap pages (?), but I remember there being a one page interview with him in in the Source. The centerpiece picture had Buckwild playing with an sp1200 that had a Funkdoobiest sticker on it. Man, I’d love to see that again. Thanks for the site, word up!

  26. SLurg says:

    Didn’t Unkut had that in it’s magazine vault section ? If they don’t I’ll scan mine.

  27. Eazy fo Ever says:

    Hey man, that’s a great site, thank you so much for the Ren and Dre interviews…..
    Do you got any Eazy-E interviews?
    That would be great if you have any

  28. Isabelle says:

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  31. jelizen says:

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  32. Coincidence says:

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