The Hit Squad Strikes Black : Redman interview in No Sell Out (1992)

June 12, 2007

Early interview of Redman in No Sell Out Magazine made a week before his first 12″ dropped and published in september 1992. The freestyle below with Biz Markie is the same Stretch Armstrong posted on his Konstant Kontakt blog earlier today, only with better sound.

Also, you should check the We Love blog, my man Erwin just upload a Redman mix I did on the radio a couple of weeks back. The mix is sloppy but there’s enough freestyle, rare tracks and collabs to please most Redman fans.

Biz Markie & Redman : Freestyle (zShare)
Biz Markie & Redman : Freestyle (DivShare) (fixed)

Classic Review : Whut Thee Album in The Source (1992)

May 3, 2007

Review of Redman first album in The Source, commented by Matty C. Only 4.5 mics, but that’s probably because Reginald C. Dennis had a no five-mic policy at that time.

Redman, Tame 1 & Rah Digga : Stretch Armstrong Promo (prod Redman) (zShare)
Redman, Tame 1 & Rah Digga : Stretch Armstrong Promo (prod Redman) (You Send It)

In The Zone : PMD in The Source (1994)

April 12, 2007

PMD talks about EPMD’s break-up and other frivolous things in a 1994 interview with Reginald C. Dennis.

PMD : Saw It Cumin (Solid Scheme remix)


Out Of Business : The EPMD break up in The Source (1993)

April 4, 2007

It’s not very often that you see a journalist actually doing research and investigation in a rap magazine. The last time this happened was this Reginald C. Dennis piece on EPMD breaking up in The Source, in march 1993.

EPMD & Roger Troutman : Get Up (edit)


Funk From Hell : Redman feature in The Source (1992)

April 2, 2007

December 1992, Redman as seen by The Source’s Editor In Chief, Jon Shecter, the accompanying freestyle is from a 1996 Bad Boy mixtape.

Redman : Freestyle from the Puff Daddy/Stretch Armstrong mixtape


Classic Review : Business Never Personal in The Source

March 23, 2007

Big Greg Cee’s short review of EPMD’s ultimate album. The Source august, 1992.

EPMD : Brothers From Brentwood, LI (


Hedz Of The Heap : Knucklehedz’ interview in RapPages

January 13, 2007

Bilal Allah & Randolph Heard interview the Hit Squad’s white guys for RapPages in november 1993.

Knucklehedz : Savage rmx