Classic Review : Return Of The Boom-Bap in The Source (1993)

July 5, 2007

Today marks the beginning of KRS One appreciation month. Why ? Just because. And if I believed the stats of this blog, a lot of people google his name and end up here, so I guess he’s more popular than what the last ten years of his career would make you think.

KRS One : Feel The Vibe, Feel The Beat (Send Space)
KRS One : Feel The Vibe, Feel The Beat (DivShare)


Classic Review : De La Soul Is Dead in The Source (1991)

April 20, 2007

Before switching to mics, The Source was rating records with broken records, so here is the 5 broken records review of De La second masterpiece by Atco in may 1991. And the totally irrelevant mp3 is actually from their first twelve inch.

De La Soul : Freedom Of Speak